Monday, May 16, 2011

Computers are man's best friend

Alas, for the last two weeks, my computer decided it needed a hard drive transplant. Needless to say, with no computer, I've been unable to post. I did make some fascinating discoveries (well, may only fascinating to some):

I became so used to using my Bible study software (I won't mention that I uses Logos), that studying without it felt strange.

I realize I so enjoy watching baseball through the eyes of my fantasy baseball teams, that the ESPN Sportscenter updates just weren't enough.

My co-worker at the church discovered sending me an e-mail to ell me my new hard drive arrived was probably not the most efficient way to let me know, since I had no e-mail access.

I discovered I could survive without reading all the "really important" (yeah, right) news that pops up on Yahoo.

Okay, enough trivial banality. I'll get abck to "What about those in deepest, darkest, downtown Dallas" this week... because I have my Bible software back, Microsoft Word back, and internet access back!

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